Things to keep in mind while selecting a ready to move in property. When it involves shopping for a house, thought a property seeker choose a ready-to-move-in house or AN under-construction one? we tend to make a case for the crucial variations between the two, to assist you to make a call

While buying a property isn’t any straightforward task, another decision that compounds the quandary for home buyers is whether or not to settle on a ready-to-move-in house or an under-construction one. whereas there are advantages and drawbacks to each option, the selection can depend upon varied aspects like, what the client is wanting for, his needs/requirements, and whether one is buying for investment or end-use.

Things to keep in mind while selecting a ready to move in property

Things to keep in mind while selecting an under-construction property

Ready To Move in V/S Under Construction Property


Ready To Move In Under Construction


A lot of lawful work and documents required, due to the transfer of title.

Comparatively lesser documents because there are not any prior owners.


No stages of construction and hence, the customer must have the finances organized.

The buyer has longer in hand to spread the payment, registration charges, stamp tax, etc.

Risk Level

Higher chances of getting cheated because the property could also be sold to quite one buyer. The buyer’s due diligence is extremely important.

Relatively simpler to purchase for an under-construction property. Due diligence remains required.

Property Values

Usually high-priced, since the socio-physical infrastructure is relatively more developed.

Less expensive entry costs but usually depends upon the area.

Effect on your funds

Free from paying rent and other expenses held on-site visits.

If you’re living on rent, the worry of EMIs also will be additional.

Locality You will know who your neighbors are and what to expect once you invest in a particular project.

Many surprises may await you and you’ll get to understand only after living within the property.

An important point to know while investing in an under-construction or ready to move in property

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